This blog is nearing extinction even though it’s barely enjoying existence.

I don’t know what happened. Three days earlier I had resolved to keep blogging as religiously as I could so as to get the most of the amount I shelled out for the domain and hosting; three days later I know I’ll totally be regretting giving in to impulse-buying.

Remember the feeling of suddenly losing interest on someone you’ve looked up to eversince? Forget it. It will only trigger cheesy-icky-yucky memories, besides, you don’t pay someone to look good in your eyes and walk through burning coal for your talent show-penchant-slash-sadistic enjoyment. Money is not in any way involved so you couldn’t care less.

I don’t know what happened. Second self thinks it all boils down to that deadly sin called sloth. I think I better catch up on my sleep.


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Black against white.
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2 Responses to Touch-move

  1. kris ay nagsasabing:

    noooooo waaaay. blog blog blog!

    i thought your theme has changed. yet, when i clicked on the special link on the upper right hand side, it transported me back to the masterpiece theme. clever! clever! so don’t abandon this blog. chos.

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