One good week has passed and I’d been so oblivious of the time I totally forgot to write everything down, even in my own notebook, which I thought would be handy in case I need an instant capturing.

A lame excuse, all right. Execute me now on grounds of grave laziness. Of course, juggling a lot of write-ups, academic or otherwise, isn’t an easy thing. But there goes that Zafra quote that if you claim to love something, you’ll make time for it. And I didn’t.

So I considered it rightful to write a rundown of the things I was supposed to write then in this run-down blog.

The first formal meeting with the department chairperson-cum-CommRes professor: the boisterous woman with an infamous tongue. It seems like she can’t stand a day without having her sentences laced with abusive profanity. Not that it mattered to me, for that would make me appear holier-than-thou, but sometimes it’s just disturbing. I don’t know, but there’s this eerie atmosphere the moment she faced the class for the first time, even if we’re already juniors and she’s been spewing curses in the college for quite a long time. I can’t say that I don’t like her as a professor, but I must say I don’t like her glaring grammar glitches. I’m priggish like that.

The freshmen orientation, which happened the same day as the one above, held for the first time at the supposed college theater (but had later gone under the supervision of the culture and arts commission of the university). Dean for the opening remarks, a nightmare yet again. I wonder when his term ends. He embodies the stinking faculty he handles, of the college reeking of foul-mouthed pseudo-professionals. His speech went on, pausing occasionally as if waiting to hear a round of applause from his gullible crowd. And the emcees… they sucked. Each of the performing orgs’ numbers were visually appealing, I would have enjoyed them had the speakers done better than shattering my eardrums, except for the one wherein the dancers had their shirts pulled  back, thus baring only their bras. Jaw-dropping. A classmate, whose girlfriend was one of the dancers, remarked, “You can please the audience without putting flesh into the show”. I couldn’t agree more. What a good way of saying, “Freshies, welcome to the wild world of COC”.

The inaugural coverage which did a good job of giving me a bad tan (when I don’t really need it since my complexion’s not that fair). I’ll save further details for I might post an entry dedicated entirely to the event in case Prof E requests for an article along with the photos he’d assigned the class to take.

The uneventful day which I know all of Pasig did enjoy. Okay, it wasn’t uneventful at all if I’ll count in waking up early just to go at an event to catch an eyeful of some mathematician but ended up seeing no one, and the first long exam in Stat which will probably be the first exam I’ll flunk this year.

I’ve changed my opinion of Prof Stat by the way. You know I hate math but mathematicians do stand good in my eyes for some reason.


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4 Responses to Backspace

  1. jonell ay nagsasabing:

    Have fun during weekends.

  2. lamark ay nagsasabing:

    ”It seems like
    she can’t stand a day without
    having her sentences laced with
    abusive profanity. Not that it
    mattered to me, for that would
    make me appear holier-than-
    thou, but sometimes it’s just
    disturbing.” haha. and lamark is now glycerina’s follower

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