Midterm crisis

The hassle and bustle of midterm exams left me struggling to keep up with the fast pacing of time and severe cases of headaches.

HBFL Asia 2010 at the World Trade Center

The past week had been hectic; every day practically packed with schoolworks and extra-curriculars that I had to put off work every tomorrow possible until I woke up Sunday morning knowing that I had to knuckle down before sundown. Clocking in six hours of sleep and a good one at that, I began working at 9 am, finished by 3 pm, dozed off and woke up at around half past six with my temples feeling bludgeoned I thought I was going crazy for it seemed like the quick surges of headache I felt during the day was exacerbated by sleep. Sleep-deprived creatures beware as this prompts one’s hidden ability to write spontaneously and forget periods (disregard ambiguity; I’m referring to both things which instantly came to your mind).

I felt the urge to throw up since it’s the fastest way I know to alleviate the pain, aside from having myself decapitated that is. Well vomiting is a less painful and less gruesome option and analgesic wasn’t readily available so there. I ate a little, munched on cracker nuts, went to the sink every now and then and thought of self-induced vomiting the way anorexics do after a long while of waiting for my gastric contents to orally, voluntarily have their way out.

On the third time in front of the sink they came out to my relief I wanted to puke my guts out. I took a quick look in the mirror and said fck, I look fcking wasted.

But I couldn’t care less as headache suddenly eased up a bit and I felt better. So better that even if father scolded me for staying up late almost every night and told me to sleep early, what I had initially intended to do, I didn’t. I munched on a bag of nuts again and was thankful that although my face isn’t that blemish-free, I don’t suffer from intense pimple breakouts considering all those sleep-deprived nights and nut-cracking days.

Midterms aren’t over yet and they’re bound to suck every sense of vitality left in everybody so fck vanity.


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2 Responses to Midterm crisis

  1. Barry ay nagsasabing:

    haha busy girl! doesn’t college suck beautifully? :p

  2. Mental Climax ay nagsasabing:

    Nice new theme. 🙂 Have a nice day.

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