Hell freezes over

Four days of going to school without a single professor showing up since the 4th had somehow triggered my lazy bones to take over that’s why I came late on the fifth day — just when them professors thought of making an appearance.

The ever-girly Prof COMM 2093, clad in a peculiar-sleeved black dress with white accents and white pumps, was already talking in front of the class when I arrived. It was supposed to be our, well, COMM 2093 class, or the Le Vogue subject, but she segued to online journ for the most part since we’ll also be having her for that subject. Tackled online plagiarism and how her previous students practiced it brazenly, apparently unaware of Copyscape, online writing jobs and other shiz we’re pretty much familiar with.

And guess what, she told us what I’ve been anticipating eversince, to create a blog under WordPress. For a moment there I was certain I’d use this blog for the subject. Which leads me to the question, is this blog decent enough for her taste? Knowing her, I couldn’t be so sure.

Perhaps it’s time I put this thing, bought under the influence of impulse-buying, to good use. A good grade would be a good push to keep this account going until it expires.

And yes, apart from the fact that one of these days, Prof COMM 2093 would already be watching our every word through our blogs, I should be circumspect in dropping names from this day forward because I have a feeling this prof I’m going to mention next is googling his own name. So let him be called ‘Isetan de Silva’ (I suck at anagrams I know… oops).

Mr de Silva is a breath of fresh air in a stale room, he could be the one we’ve all been waiting for, but I’m afraid he’s going to make hell freeze over.

to be continued…


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3 Responses to Hell freezes over

  1. Mental Climax ay nagsasabing:

    Isetan. Recto blues.

    Shed be impressed with your dot com.

  2. Katingera ay nagsasabing:


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