As I was saying…

Mr de Silva. You may have seen him at some point in your primetime television viewing and asked yourself the same question that’s been bugging me: how many E’s his name actually has.

During our first meeting, after certain conditions had been stipulated, Mr de Silva looked at me and said, in a manner I’m not sure what to call, “Natatawa ka?” (or something like that) only because I was smiling to myself, which I tend to do often by the way, unconsciously. I shook my head, still smiling. Friday, in the middle of his tension-filled discussion, he suddenly told me “Inaantok ka na?”

I replied, “Hindi po.”

“Ah, malungkot ka lang.”

My eyebrows reacted violently, as if saying, Hah! How funny was that. Of course, I didn’t intend to get his attention in any way. No one in the class claiming to be in the perfect state of mind would dare do that. Last I checked, I wasn’t that conspicuous. I guess I have to learn the subtle ways of making myself scarce, quick.

Friday is now the day everybody’s looking forward to. Boy, what do I know. Perhaps it’s just me thinking that Mr de Silva is, uh, the man and that everything he teaches us gospel truth and if I’m going to say here that I love him already, even though he makes us feel stupid and embarrassed, I sure will stutter and commit more grammar mortal sins whenever he’s around.

The moment I get it all into my head, I’m dead.

With the Panda

Had a date with the Panda after class. Talked about almost everything inane and insane while wandering all over SM Megamall with a green Sprite McFloat in our hands. We could have watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows had it been okay with the Panda’s present practices. I somehow feel for the movie/Potter junkie in her, although I ain’t a fan, especially when she mentioned the last film she had watched in the cinema: Twilight.

The next day, I had been planning to go someplace when younger sister arrived from school only to ruin my plans and my budget. She desperately wanted to see HP 7.1 so Mother asked me to accompany her, despite the fact she already pointed out, that I’m not fun to be with (worse than ‘not fun’ to be with actually; I am a monster) and I’m afraid of getting lost in a mall. I reiterated that I’m not a Potter fan (okay, I had been, but the interest wavered along the way and the books somewhat intimidate me I dare not touch them), but after I took a bath and reflected on some things it occurred to me that, yeah, younger sister deserves a treat, after all those awards she’s been getting from acad stuff and campus journ and all sorts of extra-curriculars.

Disappointed that there’s no HP screening going on in Ever Gotesco, where we first went since it’s nearer to our place, I decided that we go to SM Megamall even though it’s already dark and going home had been an option.

The moment we got inside, we rushed to the third floor, on to the ticket booth, and to the darkness of the cinema.


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12 Responses to As I was saying…

  1. Mental Climax ay nagsasabing:

    nakita ko nga si leona sa megamall. ayos ‘tong bago mong theme!

  2. BOK ay nagsasabing:

    aw. how was the movie, ate MG? buti ka pa napanuod mo na; ako baka next week pa. nae-excite tuloy ako.

  3. lio loco ay nagsasabing:

    so how did you find the movie then, being a non-potter junkie?

    good read here. and i noticed we share a few blog reads. i surmise i will be hopping back here again soon. XD

  4. lio loco ay nagsasabing:

    p.s. for what reason(s) did you find the books, uh…”intimidating”? surely, not by the thickness of the spines, eh?

  5. Mental Climax ay nagsasabing:

    anong book gusto mo magsimula?

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