You won't know a fail shot until you see it.

Everything is bound to change — with or without your notice, or even your new year’s resolutions. That’s why I don’t bother, but alright I acknowledge that listing down goals for lifestyle overhaul and such can make you feel reformed, good as new, wide-eyed hopeful who’ll deviate from the list as soon as the first week of the year comes to pass.

I kind of find it strange that some people think the new year is the only thing they need to change (I said only, in case you missed the *bleep*ing point and say something really unnecessary) something within themselves when it can be done on any mundane day. Perhaps I, for once in my life, vowed to do just that while jumping as the clock struck twelve, but hey this is still… me and I am still short. I once promised to change, complete with all the tears (don’t tell my folks for this is too embarrassing) on an Easter Sunday. I can still feel tears welling up in my eyes when I think about it. And now… I don’t know what happened. Maybe there are things that changed. Like, I don’t jump on the dawn of a new year anymore. Primarily because our wall clock is advanced by ten (or is it eleven?) minutes and I don’t know how many seconds. Precision is something, you see. Also, I don’t hold false hopes of changing over any longer. At least not consciously.

As for the unwanted changes — interpersonal changes prompted by two or more people and circumstances — one can only embrace them as they come. Heh. How hypocritical of me to say this. Sure, it’s true, but that’s one thing I find difficult to do. Especially without a closure.

I am such a sucker for closure… which is why we’re not done yet.


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5 Responses to Changes

  1. kris ay nagsasabing:

    kung magiging babae ako sa second life ko, ikaw ata ako. kaya hindi ako naniniwalang walang nakakaintindi sa akin e. lol

  2. Neutral Universe ay nagsasabing:

    One year is just a snap. You can do those things in a short while. Oops, try again next year.

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