Back to life

Prod overnight | 7:57pm 180111

I feel like a dead kid, whose soul wanders all over the fucking place, these days. As responsibilities arise and works pile up, the more I see myself as someone slowly wearing out, fading away, succumbing to atrophy.

There’s this radio program thingy in the college we do every Saturday. The team holds meetings once or twice in the course of the week before airing and during these times do I find myself stupid. BroadComm people and my co-writers have all these ideas, whilst I sit there either saying in hindsight that that’s what I’ve been thinking of or watching my thoughts wander everywhere. Also, there’s this fashion show perf requirement for our Intercultural/International Comm class, which happens to be quite an anticipated spectacle in the college. Actually, I don’t want to say anything against people in the class handling this for I don’t know anything as I, along with two other classmates, have faithfully submitted myself to being a Veritas baby. Heh. But… I feel like I’ve become subservient. Like what a friend said earlier in the slumber party, I just do what I gotta do, for cooperation’s sake.

Posting for the sole purpose of having something written on the revival of the blog.


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