In loving memory

I saw you in a jeepney stop by chance. I thought my eyes were fooling me, so I called out your name. Your eyes looked back at mine and for one fleeting moment, our gazes held. I saw your lips curved into a smile, the same sweet smile that used to knock me off my feet, but I’d rather think it meant nothing to me now. I mustered the courage to smile back, but I failed. I cursed myself for that; I shouldn’t have called you in the first place. All this time I have been trying to obviate the bitterness that yesterday had brought, but my efforts were futile. I suddenly felt tears brimming over my eyes. Much as I wanted to put up a brave face, I couldn’t manage to do so for the tears have already streamed down my cheeks. I turned to run away, but you pulled me back and held me tight in your arms.

It would have felt so good to have you near me again… had these things been for real, and not just a part of a dream. I opened my eyes to the light of a new morning in the real world.

I saw you in a jeepney stop by chance later that day. I thought my eyes were fooling me, so I tried to call out your name. But poof! It became KokoKrunch! You vanished right then and there.

You know it’s hard and it hurts, but I’ve been really trying to forget you since the day you passed away.

Some fictitious piece of crap from 2009, never been touched, er, edited (save for the part following the interjection).  Don’t ask me; I don’t know how it found its way here. But it would mean a lot to me if you’d feel free to express your distaste.

After writing the previous post I was reminded of this girl who remarked way back that my blog was full of whine it’s reeking of negativity. May not be composed of the same words, but everything boiled down to venting the same sentiments.

Recently I’ve been writing more of the fucking regurgitated stuff. Let’s have a breather.



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