The tree that had fallen in the forest

The other night, after shedding tears of anger over dinner with RB and Maui, this excerpt from Zafra’s Twisted 6 popped up: “In philosophy, we ponder the question ‘If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, how do we know it makes a sound?’” In a certain way I feel the quoted line best applies to the situation we’re currently embroiled in, but when I think about it the second time, I immediately doubt my sense of understanding. All the more confused, I assess the matter but then HBC comes to mind.

HBC (not the beauty store) is the person who apparently heard the sound of the tree that had fallen in the forest, who also happened to be my very first crush when I entered the gates of the college. He was that effeminate guy from the college theater group who caught my attention with his all-too-familiar smile which had me asking myself for days ‘where the hell have I seen it?’, who sang “You will always be my baby” to me when I submitted my application form to the theater group he was heading three years ago. I’d discovered later on that he is straight, as in ruler-straight if I may say so. For a while, he’d been the reason I found myself smiling and keeping a journal back in the day.

Oh, how quickly things change.

to be continued


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