Sober up

I am not drunk.

I’ve just downed two bottles of liquor last night and I don’t think you’d consider that drunk drunk at all. It’s not even enough to get into my head and lull me to sleep right away or post tweets and statuses I’d probably regret when I wake up. I bet it’s not even enough to give me a headache or a hangover later. I haven’t had enough and it’s making me kind of frustrated.

I’ve actually been thinking of drinking to my heart’s content one of these days. I want to just to get myself drunk for the heck of it, get wasted, run amok, and find out if I could also ‘write brilliantly’ when I’m drunk like that student pub writer who’s famous for his weekly columns back in the day. All that, of course, if I won’t end up getting knocked out with sleep or puking my guts out. When the latter comes to mind I gather I could just settle with two bottles and be on the lookout for strange things people do when they’re intoxicated. My brother told me that some of his friends, during a drunken episode, share stories explaining Charice’s popularity, saying that it’s because when you backmask one of her songs, you’d hear such and such. One of his friends even develops a habit of reading them verses from the Bible, when he’s not really into it to begin with, the moment alcohol has completely overtaken his senses. Incidents like these make me want to engage in a heavy drinking session with my friends, bring a camera, pretend to be drinking all the while, and then surreptitiously record all the stupid things they’re going to do when they’re drunk beyond recognition. That’s going to be a lot of fun, but when there’s YouTube and blackmailing involved… I think it would even be more hilarious.

I’ve just downed two bottles and yet my stomach acted a little weird, perhaps because of the alcohol. Dammit I’m never drinking again.

Of course I kid. Cheers.

Okay, I shall sleep now. Good night.


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