The troubled year 2011-2012 II

A series of drama ensued upon the release of the first issue that hampered us to prepare for the second. E said she’d resign from her post and then took her words back. What made the hoopla even worse, I think, was the meddling of the alumni Dakom staff. This was kind of unfair since the ones who spoke out had worked with E in the past (she’s been with Dakom a year ahead of the rest of the staff), and hardly knew us and the situation that was before us. They said things as if we’re trying to oust E. They were apparently defending her, saying that during their time, there’s also this former editor-in-chief who neglected his responsibilities and yet they didn’t do anything to drive him out of his position.

The analogy alone, which was ridiculous in the first place, was not supposed to grant anyone the right to disregard his duties, of course. The position was not something one could just wear like a crown; a huge responsibility comes with it. We wouldn’t allow such an injustice.

We tried to resolve matters in a no-holds-barred talk with the entire staff. Majority of the kids decided to give her another chance and let her stay as the editor-in-chief. I couldn’t blame them since they weren’t in our shoes. They weren’t in MI’s shoes. They were informed of the situation but they didn’t see what was really happening with their different set of eyes. I respected their ignorance. E remained in her position under certain conditions.

In all fairness to E, I must say she tried. She tried to fulfill her part of the deal until such time that her efforts dwindled and she fell back to inactivity again. I had been busy with internship that’s why I didn’t have a clue about what was happening lately. The next thing this manbitch I’d call RB told me was MI would replace E in the editorial board and he would replace MI. An online poll was conducted to figure who’d replace whom. I wondered what it was for since RB had already told me who the new editor-in-chief and associate editor would be before posting the poll. I thought they’re already decided.

E was supposed to be listed as a senior correspondent but something happened and she chose to leave Dakom once and for all. Fewer words, less drama than her earlier resignation attempt. I was glad we were spared.

So under MI, we exhausted every drop of blood and sweat from our sleep-deprived selves (and every cent from the amount that’s left of our meager fund) for Dakom’s second issue and you can read it here. We’re planning to release a lampoon issue, a special report and a literary folio (we’re still open for submissions… and donations!) before the next academic year starts, hoping that the next set of editors wouldn’t have to describe their term as yet another ‘troubled’ year.


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6 Responses to The troubled year 2011-2012 II

  1. Reyna Bubuyog ay nagsasabing:

    ang neat ng mag niyo!!! @.@ astig.

  2. Ren ay nagsasabing:

    Nagbotohan na kasi nung hapon na ‘yun, pero dahil kakaunti lang ang present-nag-decide na mag-online poll na lang, na ganun din ang kinalabasan.

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