What I’m not telling you (but you’re going to read here anyway)

I guess there need not be a rundown of what took place before the trip that prompted me to leave my job (since there had been tears in almost every step of the way) so I’ll just be focusing on what happened during and after the convention (and the comments that I’ve had the decency not to include in the daily report that the university had asked of us).

On the prowl after the NSPC.

I am one of those who can’t seem to get enough of the beauty that is Palawan, even though we weren’t able to fully behold its grandeur, and everything that transpired within the island and the schools and the hotels we stayed in for a week (and not to mention every cutie we met).

But the hangover is fading gradually, thankfully, as I look forward to the next press convention in October. Sadly, though, it’s only Luzon-wide. I kind of feel bad for this friend I’d call Shamcey (mostly because she claims she looks like her and most of the people we met in Palawan said the same thing), for the apple of her eyes, whom she just met in the recently held convention, lives in the faraway island of Mindanao. Two (Number 2 and Number 5) of the five cuties we laid our eyes on are from there, two (Number 1 and Number 4) are from the National Capital Region, and the remaining one (Number 3) who also happens to be my only one as of the moment is from Luzon, uh, Central Luzon to be exact…

Now I wonder what could have happened if I had the means to board a plane bound for Manila on the eve of day one, right after the supposed tour of the underground river that never pushed through. I was downright disappointed that day that the only highlight of it that I could think of was that moment in Sabang wherein Number 3, who was then checking our attendance (he’s a member of the Guild’s secretariat), saw my name and told me “Parang na-meet na kita…” and glanced at my awkwardly smiling face to check if I indeed appeared familiar. If it wasn’t for that moment, I wouldn’t have the guts to add him up on Facebook after the convention and send him this message:

and you can imagine how I grin like a fool every time I read this.

to be continued


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