Day off ruminations

If there’s one thing I must find quite alarming right now, my parents might say it’s the fact that the deadline for completion of requirements for midyear graduation is coming dangerously close (while I apparently haven’t got the time to arrange the necessary requirements, see the emphasis?) but if you ask me, I think I’m more worried about how I’m learning to like the floor and certain personalities working in there that it really doesn’t bother me if I get the diploma or not.

I’m worried because I know how stupid I get in making decisions and how I regret those decisions at a time when the deed has been done and there’s no way to back down.

One week in the floor and I already know where I’m headed should I be lucky enough to go past the five-month contract: to the escalation team. It’s not just because of the salary or one of my crushes who belongs to that team—it’s what they do that draws me in. Those nifty techniques that are not intended to be disclosed to regular agents, or as they simply put it, ninja moves. Plus, most of the people in that team appear cool and friendly. Well most of the people in the floor seem that way. My supervisor, who’s from the same university I’m in, is so kind and so gay I probably won’t refuse his invitation to eat out with the rest of the team on payday! I’d also like to know my teammates more, especially that guy who was transferred to our team just a night ago, that guy who has caught my attention ever since training days. I wasn’t quite surprised when I saw him sit in our team’s bay that night (because station issue is a commonplace in this company) but when it was confirmed that he’s now one of us, I was like ‘hindi nga?’ since I even saw him huddle with the other team a few minutes after shift and ermahgerd I can’t wait until we’re properly introduced LOL. I’m not expecting anything though, because he doesn’t look like much of a talker and I don’t intend to speak a lot to him anyway. I tend to be very cold and distant to guys I like, particularly to those who are straight.

I’m not running out of reasons to love the place. These people make it much harder to leave everything behind. But hey, I also acknowledge the fact that I easily get bored. No one knows for sure what happens after a month or two.

By the way, payday’s almost here. I’m missing old people and I’m not declining invitations.


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