‘When nothing is sure, everything is possible’

I clicked on the Add New Post link without anything in mind to write about — maybe because I’m saving my thoughts so that I could have something written down on that freakin’ expensive planner I bought with the Panda a week ago. I’ve been eyeing it from the very beginning, uh, I mean, from the time I stopped fantasizing about the Starbucks planner and spending for so much caffeine, but now I kind of regret this choice since it doesn’t have enough space wherein I can write  a detailed account of my everyday life (OH YEAH, I do have a life).

Belle de Jour’s Everything is Possible planner

And the biggest thing that occurred to me thus far is: I should have bought a journal and not a planner. I’ve been searching the internets for an interesting journal up until now, but my frugal self is begging me not to do something stupid; I’ve guzzled coffee that’s worth more than a thousand pesos for a planner that I did not get and now I’m planning to ditch this damn pricey planner just because I did not assess my options well enough?  Geezus. Yes, I tend to overthink, but not about the things that matter.


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