So I finally bought a new notebook today, was accompanied by someone who didn’t know how important it is to someone like me. I’m no longer used to be around people who don’t know why I write, why I enjoy my solitude, and why I don’t like explaining things.

But the notebook doesn’t mean that this blog would now go to waste… that is if it hasn’t reached that state yet. I’d still probably write random randomness here like

1.) how I’ve never felt so broke in my life until today, which is, ironically, a pay day,

2.) the sudden, and fleeting, longing for someone who can keep me company in a coffee shop right after shift just to share stories and write shit like a fcking needy human being, and

3.) how I watched Obi ignore me for the entire shift and how I did not make any effort to talk to him first because that’s his job, duh that would only underscore my neediness

Okay, bye.


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2 Responses to LBN

  1. carlos ignacio ay nagsasabing:

    inignore kita whole shift neto.? let me think. hmm. busy ata ako neto baby boy. if i remember it right, eto yung mga panahon na ako ang dakilang supervisor ng team nmin at support ng buong cluster Ren. 🙂 sorry kung hindi kita napansin neto ha. i’ll make bawi nlng.

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