RIPD: 1.1

I headed straight to 2702 on my first day. I met one important finance person and two of her minions there. After about an hour of waiting for my immediate superior at research, I went to 2501 at the command of Miss Internship Coordinator.

Three of my co-interns were already doing tasks when I arrived. And when we were called by another important person who goes by Gemma, if I remember it right, to give us instructions about the task at hand, my eyes wandered to the long table and found someone interesting. It was this guy clad in a navy blue hoodie who’s so engrossed in whatever he’s doing on his Mac. When I first saw him, I thought he’s an intern but then he didn’t even look up from his screen when we had been summoned so that didn’t make sense. His eyes are chinky so I thought, Oh that must be the tech/sports guy who used to be with GMA 7, but then when some outsider came in with a package from Cherry Mobile, addressed to Josh Villanueva, the outsider was told that he’s not in the office yet, so that didn’t make sense either.

Somewhere it the middle of plotting points on an online map and meeting with the head of the citizen journalism arm and the rest of the interns, I figured that he is Mr Go. It also occurred to me that I had stumbled upon one of his tweets once (most probably a retweet) and he’s so much better to look at in person.

Plotting points on a map is tedious but it’s fulfilling when you find the exact location from a tweet/post with an incomplete address. The Google software we’re using isn’t really easy to navigate; the regular Google Maps is much friendlier to work with.

There were nine of us in the interns’ corner that day (six Filipinos from the current batch and three Cambodians from the previous) and I was the only one who didn’t come from a university with air-conditioned rooms. While I must say that I don’t like my intern buddy at research (who’s from a prominent university in Katipunan) because he’s a bit condescending and another co-intern (from the same school) because he seems to have a say on almost everything, I have no other complaint, for the time being. I think I could even befriend this girl (from the same school) I met on the way up the unit on the orientation day—psychology graduate, into photography and Murakami. She nailed it when we were talking about one of her shoots and she said something like

“‘yung isa nga, sa Muntinlupa men!”

I was taken aback because she sounded like an old friend. I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that I always find comfort in familiarity. Perhaps everyone else does.


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