Big bad bull

If I were born a boy, none of this would have happened. But the heavens intended for me to become a girl so how the hell am I going to deal with that without having to worry about the syntax of that conditional in the first statement?

All grammatical uncertainties aside, I believe the primary reason my folks don’t trust me is tied with the fact that I have ovaries, or to put it bluntly, a vagina. They must have grown up in a neighborhood where a lot of girls have been impregnated out-of-wedlock or disowned for engaging in premarital sex. They must have witnessed the plight of those girls and therefore resolved not to let one of their daughters go through the same torture and ruin a bright future. The same daughter can list down a hundred possible excuses for them on a spreadsheet but still, the parents wouldn’t think of associating her with any of those if they’ve already known her to be worthy of that big word which is also the name of a famous contraceptive brand.

You got the reference for sure.

There was a time my parents told me they trust me so much I almost replied: That’s bullshit. But I had heard the slap before it landed on my face so I just shut up.

I guess having a female reproductive organ isn’t my fault. And do they think I’m that stupid (or sex-crazed) to get it on with one of my male friends when I have already learned my lesson and promised not to fall for a friend ever again? How insulting.

That night, I talked to my mother just because I thought she’d understand me, being more level-headed than my father. She asked me

“Wala kang kasamang babae dun? Bakit mga lalaki kasama mo?”

Anger was building up by that time and I simply replied

“Friends kami eh.”

I tried to keep my cool and offered the explanation that I’m more comfortable having guys as friends and would have probably added that even my closest girl friends aren’t what you’d consider girly had she not worsened the situation by saying “Naku, huwag mo ‘yang isasagot sa Papa mo” and implying that having male friends is all sorts of wrong.

You have no idea how I wanted to break down and break things that night. None of that would have happened if I were born a boy. Or whatever.


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