Rev up

The highly anticipated fifth month review took place yesterday with G, the team leader, and Johnny, the deputy team leader (should’ve been Depp but, yeah, it’s lame either way so… there).

The review went well, I think, and they didn’t really talk about anything I had no knowledge of beforehand in relation to my performance at work. During the assessment, G kept on saying that quality is my strongest suit and I found it a bit funny because that’s the same observation my immediate superior had of me when I was an agent. My timeliness is a mess so I shouldn’t be discussing it but I can’t help but think it’s almost similar to the average handle time KPI I used to struggle with when I was still answering calls from seniors who didn’t know where the menu button was, TV junkies who didn’t understand why their satellite connection would lose reception whenever it rained, and millennials who didn’t care how much a truck roll would cost them as they could not be bothered to spare a few minutes on the phone and follow instructions from a third-worlder so they’d go—just send me a bloody technician. I don’t know why I didn’t develop that sense of focus and urgency in the three or so years I spent in the industry.

All things considered, I can say that I am in a much better state now than last year… and the year before that, and the year before the past year. Not only because I’m no longer obliged to deal with debilitating stress on a daily basis and I am, in a way, writing for a living, but also because I am starting to feel like I know my place in the world again. I don’t exactly love the job, partly because of its repetitive nature, but I don’t hate it either, not yet, at least (and now Larsson’s statement back in March echoes in my head: You’ll hate that job soon enough). There are times I’d rather sleep in than get up from bed, but when I do report for work, I feel like I am on the right track. I feel that even if I’m not sure of where I’m headed, I am sure that I am on my way.


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