1 It was 1 AM and I was on my way home from work. There was a bit of fuss as passengers boarded the jeepney. I wondered what that was about and as I sat in my seat, I locked eyes with a bespectacled stranger sitting across from me. He was wearing the same confusion I had on my face and for some reason I found it funny. The guy was wearing rectangular wire-rimmed glasses, which looked too good on him, and he reminded me of a certain JC I met at work in 2012. You see, I had a little crush on that JC and at some point I believe he found out about it. Obviously, it didn’t go anywhere and it didn’t bother me anyway. I forgot where I was going with this… I guess I was trying to get to the point that some boys, even if they know that a girl likes them and even if they like the attention that girl willingly gives, will not use that knowledge to their advantage. But some boys can do that. Some boys have done that.

2 I was texting a friend and his name appeared on the predictive text options below the message field. I touched and held the part of the screen that had his name. A dialog box popped up and it read “Do not predict ‘Zero’ again.” I tapped OK. “‘Zero’ successfully removed from learned words.” Had it been that easy to remove him from my memory, I wouldn’t have had this misery.

3 They say actions speak louder than words but that isn’t always the case. I was feeling particularly awful one afternoon so I decided to have some tea nearby after work. He showed up in the tea shop a bit later, saying that he came because he did not want me to feel alone. He said he did not want me to feel alone because he knew how it felt. Also, while actions cannot be trusted, the same can be said about words.

4 “Zero mentioned you in a comment.” I clicked on the notification and saw that he tagged my name under the picture that said “Mention a person who made your 2016 better” or something like that. I laughed at that time because it was posted on a Facebook page called Sarcasm. Thinking about it now, I suppose it was true. I guess I did make his 2016 better. I’m glad to be of use.

5 The first trailer for the latest Star Wars film has just been released and it makes me believe that there are things to look forward to. Better things. I only have to forget the fact that I saw Rogue One with him and he is one of the reasons I started watching Star Wars again.

6 I decided to return his glass jar while he was not at work. I put it on his desk and made sure all of the paper cranes he made, which used to occupy a space in my desk, were inside. I could not recall how I ended up with all of them but I could remember a time I asked him how the cranes got to my desk from his. He said he had no idea. Maybe they finally learned how to fly. Whatever the case, I liked seeing them and kept them before as a sign of friendship. One night I told him he should teach me how to make one of those before he leaves the company but, now, I guess I just have to look it up on WikiHow.


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