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I’m not liking this person I’m becoming. While I’ve grown to accept some things I cannot change and learned not to expect anything from anybody, I’ve become more intolerant of injustices and vindictive to those who have done irreparable damage … Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

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It was like love in that way: Look at this! What’s going to happen here? “Unless the volcano erupts,” became a joke, like “See you Friday, unless the volcano erupts,” or “I’ll love you forever, unless the volcano erupts.” At … Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

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Hi, my name is MG

On the same day 21 years ago, a woman would probably have been in the hospital, along with her husband, expecting to introduce a bundle of new life to the world in the form of a baby girl. Little did … Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

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Day off ruminations II

Nothing of consequence ever comes out of this kind of thinking, or overthinking, to be precise. It only justifies my shortcomings and insecurities. It only makes me anxious. I stare blankly at the computer screen, seemingly fixated on reading, thoughts … Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

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